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Mahnaz Chegini

Unity 5 D

Your planet as it exists now is in a state of duality. Polar opposites. Linear, time and space. And while this offers you a tremendous opportunity to learn lessons, to practice compassion, and to grow, your planet was not always in this vibration. There was a time when planet Earth existed in a non-duality atmosphere, when Earth was surrounded with a crystalline shield. Electromagnetic, magnetic and crystalline energy surrounded your Earth, assisting everything within this shield to vibrate with unconditional love and peace and compassion, with understanding. Now, there was a great conflict. And in this conflict, the shield was shattered, and it became defragmented and entered into your earth. The magnetic fields separated and formed what you now know as magnetic poles on your globe. The crystalline energy entered into the Earth deep into the minerals, the rock, and of course the crystals where it has been held for centuries and beyond.

The current duality on planet Earth has offered great opportunities to learn and to grow. Opportunities for you to learn about yourself, and  your ability to transcend duality and negative experiences.  As a collective and as an Earth, you are approaching the time when you will  be ready to return to the crystalline energy of love and of light.

These crystalline energies of love and light are being released now. There is an opening, an energy gate. As a part of the divine blueprint  for your world, peaking on the equinox, these crystalline energies that have lain dormant for so long are being activated. This combined with more and more light flooding your planet is really stirring things up. It is exciting, yes. It is good and it is opening you, and opening the possibility for you to return to a non-duality experience. I will call this your post-graduate work. You are approaching your graduation of the school of linear thought and of duality on Earth. You are moving in to zero point. Unconditional love. Unity. Full knowledge of your complete and total connection with all that is. 

With great amounts of light, and crystalline energy flooding your planet, anything that is not in alignment with love, with your Higher Self… is coming up. Within individuals, within businesses and within unique personalities, that which is not love is bubbling up to the surface for release.

Think for a moment about your day today, and allow yourself to feel the underlying emotions that were present. If there were challenging experiences that came up, even more so allow yourself to experience these now. Remember that when you are desiring to release something, the first step is to feel it. Allow it to be present with you. It’s easy to want to bury it, or to push it away. This is what has been done, this is why it is needing to be dealt with right now. And I tell you that if you don’t deal with it now, tomorrow, Friday, Saturday when the energies peak, it could be overwhelming. So release now anything that does not serve you into the light, replacing it with unconditional love and compassion. Good.

I want to point out that with these changes, and as you effortlessly ride this wave of light, surges of energies coming into your earth, by using your tools, using meditation, using release, using affirmations, you will be able to stay in a positive vibration and actually increase your frequency. Expand your aura, and become closer, more connected to your higher self. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to build your light body, for your aura to be strengthened.

Now, with this energy you have a calling. You now know what is going on, and there are many on your earth who do not. I want you to know, that you are being called now to work. To serve, to reach out with others, to hold their hand. To be a way shower. Helping others, encouraging them, and loving them. Help others to navigate through this energetic time. If they are not open, just love. Send them a silent  blessing, a simple prayer, a smile. Consciously send love energy. You can easily do this and it is very, very powerful for you to do so.
And now I wish to lead an exercise in integrating this energy into your being, allowing it to float in you, through you, and out of you, returning it to the universe, to the infinite universe, the energy of unconditional love, compassion.

This is crystalline energy is now above your head, you’ll see a light, golden light orb. A tetrahedron star above you. And out of it now, the energy released in these activations begins to pour in you through your crown chakra, filling your spinal column in a pillar of light. Cleansing your chakras. Releasing negativity into the light, and returning your inner being to a state of love, a state of balance. Breathe in this white light, and now on your out breath, see it leave from your heart and reaching across your planet, and even more, reaching across the universe. A wave of unconditional love that matches the wave coming in. We now send a wave out. Love flows, and truly dear ones, you have no idea how powerful this is. How bright light you are shining. Those who are unconscious still have an opportunity to wake up, and you can help by focussing on your love. By living your truth.

I want to point out another opportunity you have, and that is clearly defining for yourself what you want. In powerful energy times, you have an opportunity for great change. This is the case now. Where in your life do you have experiences that no longer serve you? Instead of dwelling on those experiences, focus on how things can improve in the new energy. How can you serve others in the new energy? Begin to define this for yourself, how you will serve. Ask your guides and angels to help you to fill in any gaps. And experience this. Feel this, imagine this. The increase in light energy on Earth is strengthening your connection to your inner being. The veil is being lifted even more. You truly have access to infinite intelligence. You access it within your heart, by looking within, by opening your heart. By choosing love and compassion and joy. Allowing your past to be revealed to you, one step at a time. Your next step, your step now, is effectively using the opening at this time. Use the energies that are being activated and released onto Earth now.  Remember who you really are, and release the things within you that no longer serve you. You are unlimited. It is only your subconscious thought, your outdated belief systems, and your negative emotions that are preventing you from truly being unlimited. And I mean unlimited. Joyful, loving, abundant, peaceful, true, glamorous, compassionate, beautiful, adventurous, inspiring, devoted, divine. This is you. Return to this, and use these energies.

Now, today was the first day. The energy will continue to build and continue to activate and unfold. Remember to release the experiences  that come up for you into the light. And send love and send compassion to all that you encounter, especially those that push your buttons.  Especially those that are challenging, or rude, or mean. This is a huge opportunity for you. And I will be with you throughout every step of the way. Call upon me, Archangel Metatron. I invite you to consciously connect with me again on Saturday, at the time of the equinox and peak of energies where we will gather, enjoy and in love to magnify this energy across the world so that your world may return to the vibration of OM. Peace. It is within you. And as you know your inner world creates your outer world, so as you live peace, so shall your world be. You are deeply, deeply loved by all in the realms above and I encourage you to love yourself throughout this process. You can do it, and here in lies a great opportunity. At this time, I shall pass in one sense, and in another, I am always by your side, a thought away. Simply think Archangel Metatron and I am with you. Good bye for now.