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Peace leader- Dr. martin luther king jr

Peace leader
love, unity peace


Time is now

Wake up global family

begin cocreating your realities

do your flow

find your purpose through meditation

be love

be pure

be conscious

be connected

start creating solutions

use creativity and eternal wisdom

you are the one

be the change

time is now


Mahnaz Chegini


Wake UP!

Dear friends

time has come

awaken now

wake up

unity peace solutions faith love togetherness synergy hope

create your destiny with purpose

have visions for the solution based future you want to bring about

look within

inner light shine through

seek your purpose now and start doing it now

time has come for your to wake up and begin doing your part in creating solutions to co create new age earth as natural disasters begin increasing

have pure intentions for bright changes, seek the positive creative solution you have and make them real. believe in your visions and goals to make earth habitable and revived as natural disasters wipe through.

Be with love, peace, togetherness, humanity, inner consciousness, seek wisdom and assistance from all.

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Be the change

stand up for what you wish to see prevail and keep your eyes steadfast on synergy and action





join the team

be the leader

make your thoughts real

share your feelings

be with leaders


have faith

be human

time is now