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PowertShift24 @ Ethics, health, love, unity

Guest: Dr. Sam Sadeghi
Vellore Village Animal/Pet Hospital
9750 Weston Rd, Woodbridge (Weston & Major MacKenzie)
ON L4H 2Z7

T.905 303 0322
email: petclinic1@yahoo.ca

Get ready to move into a higher state of leadership wherever you are in the global family
Motivational Psychology and Solution Focused goals are at the heart of PowerShift 24
Awaken your inner leader within through education as transformation and growth
Be the leader- Step UP
Global connectedness through Powershift24 via technology
Technology is our means for communication at an electric speed to support positive leadership from T dot- to YOU
universal synergy is at our fingertips
connect with this show today
Mahnaz Chegini
M Ed Hon BA B ED

Contact her for broadcast information and for hosting an interview with you as a positive leader in the community working towards making change for a better tomorrow.

Global leadership initiative towards a universal university medium for support, health, synergy, teamwork, collaboration, unity, peace, in all realms of life

Essential information relevant to all are discussed with facts, and specialists to promote ethical businesses and individuals whom are striving to make a legacy with morals, values, and passion for whatever they are doing in their lives helping make a better tomorrow for the next generation

leadership is summed up with the ideal of encompassing your inner power, strength, resiliency, focus, ethics, morals, conscience, health, positive attitudes, honesty, integrity, and empathy in all that we do and all that we hope to do.

With Love
Mahnaz Mirkhond-Chegini

Unity Song- Sang from my heart soul to YOU

Unity Song- Sang from my heart soul to YOU

Meditate with this to achieve unity love peace

use this for yourself , family, friends, colleagues, students, anyone as this will certainly lower stress levels and bring calmĀ 

breath through your nose and exhale through your mouth

Mahnaz Chegini

Love peace unity


POWER SHIFT 24 11/11/11 am

Harbour your inner power today!
time is now
we begin 11/11/11 am
register via http://www.cheginicounselling.com
grassroots initiative for a universal university
Support Mahnaz Chegini in anyway- donations, sponsorships, purchase a membership if you can afford it, help her move people into the global family as a solid, united team of leaders.

Mahnaz- ” I wont give up, till my last breath I will continue my mission- Love peace unity” Please take the time to visit my portal with more info on my grassroots mission- join and support me as I embark and continue to believe in humanity and the global family.
Despite roadblocks and MANY, I am still hoping for a miracle and humanity to begin helping me move this mission forward!
Peace love unity!
Education as power
Leadership as Love
Unity as Diversity
Together united, Divided we fall!!!