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Fiesta FLow Fitness only 11.11 to have access 24/7

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Step into the GLOW
This complete program is yours only for 11.11
learn the basics in weightloss, strength, resiliency, energy release, chakras, yoga, self-defence, and the unique mvoements of Fiesta Flow.
Flow Fitness has a complete module bringing to you step by step advancements towards the new you!
Tired of low energy, no movtivation, stuck in the rut, well make the shift!
Lights, Glow, Radiance!


POWER SHIFT 24 11/11/11 am

Harbour your inner power today!
time is now
we begin 11/11/11 am
register via http://www.cheginicounselling.com
grassroots initiative for a universal university
Support Mahnaz Chegini in anyway- donations, sponsorships, purchase a membership if you can afford it, help her move people into the global family as a solid, united team of leaders.

Mahnaz- ” I wont give up, till my last breath I will continue my mission- Love peace unity” Please take the time to visit my portal with more info on my grassroots mission- join and support me as I embark and continue to believe in humanity and the global family.
Despite roadblocks and MANY, I am still hoping for a miracle and humanity to begin helping me move this mission forward!
Peace love unity!
Education as power
Leadership as Love
Unity as Diversity
Together united, Divided we fall!!!