Hurricane Sandy now bigger, messier, but not a hurricane

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Plan your action
be in flow
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Associated Press

WASHINGTON – The storm called Sandy messily morphed from hurricane into hybrid storm, losing the hurricane part of its name, but not the weather mayhem surrounding it.

The National Hurricane Center officially pronounced the storm “post-tropical” Monday evening, as the centre of Sandy perched 20 miles (32 kilometres) south of Atlantic City, knocking at the coast’s door. The change is part of a transition into a more diffuse storm that is bigger and sloppier, even as its force weakened.

Sandy continues to merge with what was once two cold weather systems already dumping snow in West Virginia, forming what the hurricane centre calls post-tropical and others call Frankenstorm or Perfect Storm 2. Whatever name it visits as, it isn’t leaving the Eastern U.S. anytime soon.

But it has also widened,spreading it misery through southern Ontario and Quebec. One Toronto woman was killed when a sign at a Staples…

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